Wildlife Sales

Wildlife 24 specialises in wildlife sales

For wildlife sales, you’re at the right place. Wildlife 24 are experts at wildlife sales

If you want to buy or sell wildlife, Wildlife 24 will assist you to find the right game at the right price.

Our after sales service includes taking care of all delivery arrangements, such as correct permits, transport and other documentation as well as insurance solutions. These wildlife sales systems ensure we can always be relied upon to handle all wildlife and game sales transactions from start to finish, without a hitch.

Additional wildlife sales services such as permits, transportation of wildlife and insurance are extra cost items, added to the price of the wildlife bought or sold.

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Wildlife Permits

One of the most important aspects of wildlife sales is the correct and efficient sourcing of wildlife sales permits. One cannot buy or sell wildlife without following the correct legal processes. At Wildlife 24 we handle all aspects related to sourcing the correct permits to allow you to buy and sell wildlife.

Wildlife 24 is well-known as an expert company when it comes to organising wildlife sales permits quickly and always in the correct way.

These permits include all the appropriate and correct permits to allow you to buy, sell and keep wildlife.

Wildlife 24  assists with exemption permits, BU certificates, CITIES import and export certificates and permits, TOPS applications, convey permits, hunting permits and all other permits relevant to the wildlife industry.

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